20. OKT 2022
6:00 P.M.


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OUR Mission

Leading minds in the digital sector come together against a breathtaking backdrop, stimulating talks and exciting ideas, cool drinks, warm food and relaxed networking: WestVisions is the leading event for the digital community in the west, bridging the gap between technology, economics, art and society.

At the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord, one of the most extraordinary places in Germany and Europe, creative people, nerds, founders and other digital natives meet for an evening full of inspiration and new perspectives.

Hence, we are happy to announce that on October 20th 2022 WestVisions goes into the eighth round - and hopefully again in our lovely WestVisions home, the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord.

We are trusting that everything will normalize during the summer and are planning to host WestVisions as a live event - as always with inspiring talks, cool drinks, tasty snacks and plenty of time for networking. Of course, we also have a backup plan in case things don't work out. More details will be announced soon.

what to expect



WestVisions is the hotspot to generate knowledge & contacts for your individual growth. Network with participants, experts and exhibitors from various fields who can help you with your personal project. 



Creative thought leaders from all over the world share their knowledge with you.



Meet creative people, products and ideas from various disciplines. In a playful way we will introduce you to the latest technologies! 


Yvonne Sammer

Profile Tuning - Why successful branding hides in your own story


Yvonne Sammer is an enthusiastic speaker, author and podcaster with over 1,000 hours of stage experience and a slight tendency towards high-voltage performances. In her keynotes, she speaks live and in colour about the courage to do your own thing and be yourself.

(Picture: www.melinastudios.com)

talk description

There are numerous companies on the market whose services and products are almost identical. If you want your business to stand out, you should know the success factors of your own story and give your profile a real boost. Yvonne Sammer tells you how to get more power into your personal brand and put the PS on the road.

Matt Crisp

Why are our cities killing us?


Matt is one of the UK’s leading creative thinkers on cities, inclusion, invention and technology, and their impact on the environment, the economy, and people. He is chairman of the Laboratory of Thought in Amsterdam, focusing on the issue of mobility, partner of smart cities advisory firm SmartPublic, and startup mentor at Georgetown University, Washington. Matt started his career in commercial and marketing at Diageo, then founded the creative agency Brave. He combines private and public sector advisory roles and has recently led and advised several high-growth companies in smart cities, design, and mobility – including Bigbelly, Edenspiekermann, TransitScreen and Applied Wayfinding.

talk description

“WHO predicts 70% of global deaths and 56% of the global disease burden will be attributed to lifestyle behaviours by 2030

We have a problem

Modern mobility is great - in the short term.
Longer term, it's killing us and our planet. By design

With more roads, more parking, parcels, and congestion, from second cars to electric cars, our daily lives are designed for convenience, passivity, and gratification. Why does it matter? An epidemic of pollution, noise, congestion, exclusion, ill health, obesity, and depression? Is technology the answer? Or should we focus on future generations, not future technologies?

Matt will explore how cities and mobility can improve everyday public health, reduce bias, be accessible and safe for everybody, built around the needs and rhythms of humans and the planet.

this is WestVisions



WestVisions takes place in the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord. A decommissioned steelworks, whose old industrial plants are now widely used. Experience a park landscape that is almost unique in the world, combining industrial culture, nature and fascinating light spectacle.

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Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord
Emscherstraße 71
47137 Duisburg

Follow the signs at the main entrance! The park has a large public car park just opposite the main entrance.


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