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Rules of behaviour at the conference

All visitors, speakers and volunteers at this event are asked to adhere to the following rules of behaviour. We ask for the co-operation of all attendees to make this event a safe and enjoyable place for all.

We want to offer our participants a harassment-free event experience. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive statements about gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance such as body type, ethnicity or religious affiliation (or lack thereof), deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, unwanted photography or recording, repeated disruption of lectures and other events, unwanted physical contact and unwanted sexual attention. Sexualised language and depictions are also unwelcome.

If participants display harassing behaviour, the event staff are free to take any measures they deem appropriate. This includes warnings and even expulsion from the event.

If you feel harassed or notice that someone else is being harassed or other problems arise, please contact a member of the event staff. The event staff can help you with any problems.

Thank you for your participation in making this an enjoyable and safe event for all participants.